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Who's Going Driving?

We offer compensation to current and retired service personnel (police, highway patrol, fire fighters) to drive up to 10 hours per week with our system installed. All they have to do is drive around and our system does the rest.  These drivers receive a check based on how many infractions their cameras capture. No one knows who is getting a ticket, not even us. Only the county and the DMV will know.  These drivers get a check based on how many tickets their cameras capture. 

Who Determines Who Gets a Ticket?

Our personel and system will go thru the uploaded videos and find the egregious traffic violations. Our people then do a human check to make sure there is a legitimate violation. We then send it to your county for review, license plate look up, and subsequent ticket to be sent out. All violations are securely stored on a server where the driver can go and watch the video showing their infraction. 

What is the Cost to Our County?

Zero to start. This will dramatically increase your budget. In a time where it is more dangerous than ever for a service member to perform a traffic stop. This is a perfect way to get the job done while being non-interactive or confronting. 

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Reserve your system today. The total cost is $9745 including installation. You pay $3500 now to reserve your system and the remaining balance when it is installed. To make a payment just click the link below. It is labeled by our parent company Aegis Mc.