1. You MUST adhere to all applicable laws and road rules – you agree to drive within acceptable parameters such as not driving distracted as well as driving within 10% of the posted speed limit the majority of the time – as in 95% of the time. If that metric is exceeded you will forfeit payment for that day. The system does not operate efficiently with the user operating outside of set parameters. We cannot use infractions if you are committing an infraction yourself.


2. You must be currently and remain employed as a first responder to be eligible for this program.  If at any time you are dismissed or leave for any reason we retain the right to recall our system from your vehicle. (You are leasing a system from us – you are NOT purchasing hardware from us).

3. You must have a vehicle that is in good repair and is no more than 5 years old at the time of installation. 

4. You agree and understand that at the heart of this system is surveillance and that while your vehicle is operating it will be on. This means it is constantly sending and receiving data and monitoring the environment around the vehicle. We will not divulge your identity unless required by law enforcement agencies, i.e. court order. You agree to drive an average of 9 hours (total) per week. Average of 40 hours per month. Please note that we rely on the weekly averages and not the monthly averages as they pertain to the system operating as a safety system. We realize that there will be times when a vehicle is stored for short periods, I.e. you are on holiday. This is acceptable as long as it is not continual for any great length of time. 

5.  You must add a separate hardware rider to your insurance policy for our system of $14,784.00. 

6. You must submit a copy of the rider at the time of installation. As we move forward we will try to lower that number (As hardware costs lower over time). We will provide you with a disclosure for your insurance company, if necessary, for the physical cost of the hardware and sensors that are installed plus the labor cost of installation and removal. You will have 45 days to remit payment to us provided you supply us with an accident report and any insurance reports as may be necessary. We will provide any documentation within a reasonable amount of time that your insurer requests from us. We will also provide video for all incidents upon your request. You may choose not to have the video sent as well. We will, in all cases, comply with any government agencies if provided a court order. We will maintain a video of any accidents for a total of 3 years. (You can ask your insurer to lower your premiums because we will have video and GPS telemetry data on your vehicle). You agree to bring your vehicle to our facility for installation/Removal. We will do our best to make those locations easily accessible but travel may be necessary. For example, we will have two locations for California – Southern and Northern, but it may not be in your county. Whereas we will only have one location for smaller states like New York. We will be adding mobile installation and removal at a later date to better accommodate scheduling. (At the moment, only Australia is set to have an All-Mobile installation/Removal setup due to geographical constraints) 

7. You must sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement. This means that you are not allowed to tell others that you are using this system. You are also not allowed to mention the system on any social media platform. The only way this system works is if it is anonymous. And, to be fair, you wouldn’t want someone who just got an infraction to know that your vehicle may have been the culprit as they could wish to vandalize any vehicle that they thought had the system in it. 

8. You must provide us with your current schedule and route of routine commutes. We do not want 5 systems in the same area at the same time. As the system is truly random this may occur at times, but we will do our best to mitigate that happening. 

9. If you plan on selling your vehicle or trading it in, you must notify us in advance as we will need to remove the system and transfer it to the new vehicle. 

10.  You are responsible for the well-being of our system (Hardware). If for any reason the terms of this agreement are violated, we retain the right place a mechanic lien on your vehicle and will release the lien once we can remove the system. If for any reason we are not able to remove the system from your vehicle, you will owe us the balance of the hardware costs. 

11. Currently that amount is close to $11,480.00. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, it is your responsibility to inform us so we can schedule the removal of the system from the vehicle, even if the vehicle is totaled. Currently, installation is included with the initial system lease if brought to our facility. If you require a mobile installation upon inception that will be an additional cost of $153.00. Removal and transfer fees are your responsibility. Currently, those costs are $72.00 for removal at our facility and $225.00 for Mobile removal. Transfers will be free at our facility, however mobile transfers will be an additional cost of $153.00.  You understand and agree that if for any reason you decide not to proceed with the installation of the system after a deposit is secured, the deposit will be forfeited by you. 

12. You agree to remit a deposit of $3500.00 upon approval of eligibility. You further agree that the remaining balance of the lease will be due 48 hours before the installation appointment. The current remaining balance will be an additional $6245.00, for a total system lease upfront cost of $9745.00 (USD) – Australia, Canada, and Germany is TBD and based on your currencies. 

13. You will have to set up and maintain your user ID on our website, It is your responsibility to make sure your information is current. 

14. It is your responsibility to log on and transfer your owed funds for the prior month. We will provide you with an approximation of what your system is generating every week. This number will be an approximation and may or may not be indicative of actual amounts. We do not control what the agencies cite and can only be responsible for the infractions that we send to them. We anticipate at least a 98% retention rate. 

15. If you are towing a trailer of any kind in any type of vehicle the data is unusable for the duration of travel with a trailer. 

16. Payment tiers. Right now there is no cap on revenue.

17. If at any time we deem you to violate any of the above guidelines we reserve the right to recall our system. You will be given written notice of this before any action is taken as we would rather resolve any issues we may have. It is in everyone’s best interest, as well as being cost-effective, to keep these systems on the road. 

18. At the time of installation you will need to be present to sign a contract with the above provisions. 

19. Documents needed at time of installation; Signed NDA Signed contract (an in-person witnessed wet signature) Proof of additional insurance rider for system Signed form acknowledging IRS form 1099 will be issued in your name and that you know and understand that you are solely responsible to pay any Federal, State, and Local taxes due as a result in payment from us. (An in-person witnessed wet signature) 

20. By making a deposit you agree to the above terms and conditions and agree to provide all necessary paperwork as described above. 

21. No all-electric cars.

By making any payment to Aegis MC Inc. you have agreed to the above terms and conditions.

To make a payment just click the Register Button. It is labeled by our parent company Aegis MC, Inc. Pay to Zelle at 541-870-0162 Reserve your system today. The total cost is $9745 including installation. You pay $3500 now to reserve our system and the balance when it is installed.